About JPSJ

The Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ) is published by the Physical Society of Japan (JPS) . It is devoted to the rapid dissemination of important research results in all fields of physics—from condensed matter physics to particle physics. Since its launch in 1946 as the successor to the well-known Proceedings of the Physico-Mathematical Society of Japan, JPSJ has published many important papers and has attained a worldwide reputation.

JPSJ is an international journal. We welcome the submission of papers from all over the world. In particular, to encourage the submission of papers by researchers in developing countries, we have a program that provides them with financial support.

Editorial Policy

The journal comprises sections for Full Papers, Letters, Short Notes, Comments, Addenda, Errata, Invited Papers, and Special Topics. The Full Papers, Letters, and Short Notes sections carry original articles. After an editorial board member ascertains its contents are appropriate for publication in JPSJ, the manuscripts are reviewed by qualified referees in order to guarantee the high quality of papers published in JPSJ.

Only original reports that have not been previously published and do not overlap considerably with other papers are accepted for publication. The Letters section is intended to facilitate the prompt publication of significant new discoveries in physics. The length of a Letter paper is limited to four printed pages. The Full Papers section is intended for self-contained original research papers. The Short Notes section consists of brief reports on recent breakthroughs, and the length of reports published in this section limited to two pages.

In addition to original papers, JPSJ occasionally publishes Invited Review Papers written by distinguished researchers and a collection of papers on important subjects in the Special Topics section.

The JPSJ online version has certain additional features. Every month, remarkable papers are selected from among the latest published papers by the Editorial Board and posted as Papers of Editors' Choice on the homepage. The background and impact of certain researches are discussed by experts in the News and Comments column. This is considered useful for readers who are interested in recent developments in physics.

Last updated September 1, 2009